Important fire safety tips during power outages!

To reduce fire risk during a power outage, the Office of the Fire Marshal recommends following the following safety tips:

  • Electrically-connected smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms will not work when the power is out. Homeowners should ensure they have battery-operated smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms to provide early warning of fire and carbon monoxide.

  • During a power outage, families should make sure electric stove elements and small appliances are OFF or unplugged to prevent fires from starting when the electricity is restored. Everyone should know how to get out immediately if there is a fire.

  • Cordless phones will not work when the power is out, so it is recommended to have at least one phone that does not require electricity to operate.

  • Use flashlights or battery-operated lanterns instead of candles or hurricane lamps. If using candles, place them in a secure holder and cover them with a glass chimney.

  • Propane and charcoal barbecues are for outdoor use only. Do not bring them inside.

  • Only use portable space heaters that have been designed for indoor use and follow the manufacturer's instructions. Provide adequate ventilation by opening a window slightly while the heater is in use. Before refuelling, turn off the heater, wait for it to cool and take the heater outside to refuel.

  • Purchase generators with recognized approval labels. Make sure the unit has proper connection receptacles and circuit breakers.

  • Portable generators should only be used outdoors and carefully located to ensure that exhaust fumes do not enter the home. Allow the generator to cool before refuelling. Refuel the generator outside, following the manufacturer's instructions. Store fuel for the generator in approved containers, outside the home.

Information regarding power outages can be found at Veridan Connections for urban residents or  Hydro One  for rural residents.

 Photo of portable generator.

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